Ref No: MS 001

Title: Variations on an Original Theme
Price: $10

Title: 2 Pieces
Price: $10
Description: 1. Furious Study. 2. Theme and Variations.

Ref No: MS 003
Title: Sonata
Price: $10
Description: A Sonata in three movements written for Marissa Carroll 

Ref No: MS 004
Title: 20 New Solos for mandolin
Price: $20
Description: A set of new works exploring textures and rhythms in a variety of easy to intermediate works. 

Ref No: MS 005

Title: 5 Preludes

Price: $10

Description: A set of 5 studies for the development of technique for both hands. Level - Difficult. 

Ref No: MS 006

Title: Daily Warm up Exercises

Price: &8/10

Description: A group of five booklets. Each Level contains 5 groups of studies with 10 exercises in each. For daily reference to technique and musicianship. Ideal for weekly lessons.

Ref No: MS 007

Title: Reminiscence

Price: $10

Description: A piece commissioned by Diana Creedy. The mood is one of remembrance with a Polish/Russian feel. Level of difficulty - Intermediate.