Ref No: MT 001

Title: Uranides
Price: $10
Description: Arrangement

Title: Carolan's Receipt
Price: $10
Description: Arrangement

Ref No: MT 003
Title: Carolan's Return
Price: $10
Description: Arrangement

Title: Kleine Fantasie
Price: $20

Ref No: MT 005
Title: Divertimento for two mandolins and guitar
Price: $20
Description: also listed under Mandolin and Guitar MG 012

Title: A Lament for the Death of Polite Language
Price: $10

Title: 3 Caprices for three mandolins
Price: $20
Description: Rhythmically exacting but harmonically accessible. 
Duration - 8'50"

Title: Holborn Reborn for Mandolin Recorder and Cello

Title: Bulgar
Description: An arrangement of an Eastern European folk melody for two mandolins and guitar

Title: Carolans Farewell.
Description: An arrangement of this famous Irish song. For 2 mandolins and mandola. 
Title: The Trenches of Manchuria.
Description: An arrangement of an old folk song. For 2 mandolins and guitar.

Title: Lara's Theme.
Description: An arrangement of the well known theme from Dr. Zhivago   by Maurice Jarre. For 2 mandolins and guitar.

Title: Tango Medley.
Description: An arrangement of some well known tango melodies for 2 mandolins and guitar.

Title: Samba Medley.
Description: A medley of some samba melodies for 2 mandolins and guitar

Title: Album of Show Tunes.
Description: 19 Songs from Films and stage shows for 2 mandolins and guitar.

Title: Parisian Cafe Tango.
Description: A single movement piece for students to play. For 3 mandolins.

Title: Black Stocking Blues.
Description: A small bluesy piece for students. For 3 mandolins.

Title: Spanish idol.
Description: A small Spanish sounding piece. For 3 mandolins.

Title: Sonatina in D. (Originally in C)
Description: An arrangement of a piano sonatina by Clementi. In three movements for 2 mandolins and guitar. 

Title: On the Canning.
Description: A single mouvement depicting the mood upon the Canning River, Perth.