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Ref No: GS 001

Title: Botany Suite
Duration: 11 minutes
Price: $20
Description: A three movement work based on the Australian folksong "Botany Bay".

Ref No: GS 002
Title: Cafe Silas
Duration: 2.30
Price: $10
Description: A study in tremolo.

Title: Etude
Price: $10
Description: A study in tremolo. Moderately Difficult.

Title: Suite for Zetti
Price: $10
Description: A small suite of four movements on the occasion of the wedding between Zetti and Paul. Small Prelude; The Laconic Cowgirl; Spanish Serenade; Musette.

Title: Tremolo Study
Price: $10
Description: A short study for the development of the tremolo technique

Title: Asturias for Dummies
Price: $10
Description: A much easier version of the piece by Albeniz. Try this one first then go to the original!

Ref No: GS 007 

Title: A New Sonata. 

Price: #10

Description: A work in progress using the fingering ideals of Andres Segovia.

Ref No: GS 008 

Title: Beginners Tremolo Studies. 

Price: $10

Description: A small collection of tremolo pieces for the beginner.

Ref No: GS 009 

Title: 5 Short Sketches. (2014)

Price: $10

Description: Written for a student Darcey Pearse. (Titles: Arietta, So, You Can Tremolo?, Flowing, Not Quite Spanish, A Bit Irish.)

Ref No: GS 010 

Title: Oriental Canvas. (2015) 

Price: #10

Description: A short piece for Mark Blades - teacher of Japanese.  

Ref No: GS 011 

Title: 4th String Mania (2016)

Price: #10

Description: Written for a student to explore the notes along the 4th string.  

Ref No: GS 012 

Title: Carved from Stone (2018)

Price: #10

Description: An extended work compiling 36 studies exploring the kinetic movement of the left hand. Duration Approx. 40 minutes.  

Ref No: GS 013 

Title: Sophies Soliloquay (2017)

Price: #10

Description: Written for Sophie Billingham. Introduction to 'D' tuning on the guitar. 

Ref No: GS 014 

Title: Sentimental Waltz (2019)

Price: #10

Description: A re-wroking of an earlier solo. Quasi romantic. 

Ref No: GS 015 

Title: Swing Suite (2019)

Price: #10

Description: 3 short pieces with a jazzy swing feel. Written of Oliver Dalton.

Ref No: GS 016 

Title: Cavatina (2020)

Price: #10

Description: An arrangement of this classic (Key of C).