Robert Schulz, born in 1950 , is a guitarist, mandolinist, pianist, composer, teacher and conductor and has written much music for plucked strings. In 1976 he founded the West Australian Mandolin Orchestra, still currently performing and touring.

He has a degree in music Education from the University of Western Australia and is a full writing member of the Australian Performing Rights Association. Robert has been an active member of the Federation of Australian Mandolin Ensembles (FAME) since its inception in 1979.

Many of his works have been recorded by orchestras in Germany, Holland, Greece, Denmark, Japan, France, America,  and Australia. 

Robert has received several commissions, the latest being for the 2014 FAME Mandolin Festival. 

He continues to take an active interest in the writing, performing and teaching of mandolin music in particular. He will be joining the MMO tour to Germany in 2018 for the BDZ Mandolin Festival.

Robert together with a committee will help host the 2022 FAME Mandolin Festival in Perth in January of that year. On this occasion his 'Symphonic Fantasy' will be performed.