• ·  Mandolin Tutor (Revised 2009) For the adult beginner. This is a work in progress. As I teach more and more students, I vary the content occasionally to comply with my ongoing development as a teacher. This is a self published book selling for AU$35 plus postage. Covers a wide range of material to be used with other teaching sources. 

  • ·  The Beginners Way to the Mandolin A tutor for beginner mandolinists without previous musical experience and especially younger players. The content progresses very evenly and methodically with great attentnion to musical land technical hurdles. The book is published by Astute Music England 2010.   info@astute-music.com

  • ·  Guitar Tutor Volume 1. A graded book of pieces and exercises for the beginner guitarist. Aimed at Primary School age. Many duets for student/teacher or student/student. 50 pages covering all the notes in the first position and up to the 12th fret. A set of original solos and duets completes the volume. 

            This is self published and sells for AU$20 plus postage.

  • ·  Guitar Tutor Volume 2. A graded extension of Volume 1, this completes the student’s exploration of guitar technique. The volume concludes with 17 mostly original guitar solos! 

           Self published selling for AU$20 plus postage.

  • 20 New Solos for Mandolin has been published in the last year. Ranging from grade one to four, these are used widely for the first years of learning. An attempt to portray the mandolin as solo instrument without the need to be an advanced player. A variety of differing styles and moods. 




37 songs and dances from around the world’ A selection of pieces from grade 1 – 3/4 for mandolin with guitar accompaniment.

Self published for AU$20 plus postage.